The Modern Consumer

Today’s consumers have new expectations. They are hyper-connected, content-consuming and more likely to bypass traditional forms of marketing and listen to their peers. Do you know how to find your next profit opportunity? Jeff will uncover ways your organization can navigate, and, more importantly, prioritize and quantify youth culture influence to increase sales and profits. Jeff will show the financial impact on consumer spending and brand preference across generations by delving into how the youth culture of today is directly influencing the attitudes and purchasing decisions of older generations.

Marketing to Millennials

The largest and most influential generation of consumers ever – Millennials – are no longer an unreachable audience. While some companies fear the unknown of the “innovation generation,” the real winners are those who engage and interact with today’s Millennial Mindset® consumers. Consumers who are hyper-connected, content-consuming and more likely to listen to their peers than traditional forms of marketing. This educational presentation will challenge participants to unlearn and reimagine what they thought they knew about the Millennial generation including their influence/impact on older Baby Boom consumers who purchase food, entertainment, technology, travel and many other product categories.

Marketing to Gen Z

Already one of the most powerful consumer forces in the market, Gen Z (born 1996-2010) is driving a new era of empowered consumerism. Understand how today’s teens and young adults are rewriting the rules for brand behavior through their “old school” values, new American pragmatism, and desire to co-create the new rules of marketing. Having internalized the lessons of the Great Recession, this generation blends the practicality and work ethic of older generations with the high ideals and digital prowess seen in youth culture. They are indeed Old Souls in Young Bodies™.

Today's Modern Workforce

Your external brand is only as strong as your internal culture. More than half of today’s managers are Millennials, and this cohort already accounts for the largest generation of employees. With up to five generations in the workplace, organizations need to understand the new employee engagement framework required to attract and retain top talent. How will this next-gen workforce impact your organization, both internally and externally? Attendees will discover how Millennial and Gen Z employees approach collaboration, flexibility, and purpose while completely reinventing the values and environment of today’s modern workplace. Jeff will discuss these generational shifts and take the audience through a mapping exercise to evolve today’s internal cultures for tomorrow’s demanding workplace.

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